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With decades of experience in project management, materials and creative design, D&R Design is the smart choice for your next high-end project. Attention to detail is central to any design/build project, and D&R provides the utmost in bespoke structural elements  in Oklahoma.

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Custom Structural and Architectural Elements

D and R Design can build or source custom structural and architectural elements for your next project. We specialize in sliding barn doors, decorative trusses, windows, fireplace mantles and other custom woodwork for use in residential or commercial structures. This represents just a sample of what D & R Design is capable of, call us today for details and pricing for your custom job.


Finish the look of your residential or commercial design with custom trusses, doors, windows, furniture and mantles.


Each product is tailored to your exacting specifications, and prices vary accordingly.

Contact D & R Design today to discuss your project with one of our artistic and talented experts.

Custom Elements

Design and Machine Rates

Design/CAD   $70/hr


Machining/routing  $70/hr (CNC plasma cutting, CNC wood carving)


*Powder coating, tempered glass and custom finishes incur additional expenses that are calculated on a case-by-case basis. Contact D & R Design for details and estimates.

Products for Sale

by D & R Design

The following products are typically available in-stock through D & R Design. Please contact us directly for questions regarding availability and shipping or delivery. If you like what you see but want a similar piece with custom details, let us know! We can accommodate your every desire.

Interior Furniture

Our coffee and accent tables are made from 1/4" thick steel plate, and are available in several styles.



$650 to $800


depending on design elements. and size

Outdoor Living

We love the outdoors, and know our customers do as well!


Our sturdy geodesic fire pits are made of 1/4" or 3/16" thick steel.


Powder coated Butterfly Chairs are a long-lasting family favorite!



Fire Pit 1/4" $1350 to $2000

Fire Pit 3/16" $800 to $1500

Butterfly Chair 3/16" $460

Butterfly Chair 11-gauge $360

(powder-coating included)

Interior Lighting

Brighten your home or office with a functional gear floor or desk lamp. You and your guests will love turning the crank to change the lamp height.


Our screw-in gear switch plates are the perfect finishing touch for a garage or man cave.



Desk Lamp $850

Floor Lamp $2500

Switch plates $$60 $100 or $140             (1-gang 2-gang or 3-gang)

For the Kids

Kids of all ages ... because who doesn't like dinosaurs and monsters?


We offer an 11-gauge steel dinosaur puzzle and large 1/4" steel dinosaur yard sculpture for those future paleontologists!


Bunk beds and seating also available. Pricing by request.



Dinosaur Puzzle $300

Dinosaur Sculpture $1200

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